Time lines

Any student with relevant experience and training in the field of Neurosciences may apply before the given deadline concerning the relevant cycle (January / February) of each year. After telephone (or skype) interviews, a preselection of eligible candidates may be invited to come to Europe, to meet potential PhD supervisors at their respective ENC Home Institutes. Final admission evaluation will be done by the Board of Education, consisting of representatives of the five ENC institutes. The Board of Education will be chaired by prof. dr. A.B. Brussaard from Amsterdam Neuroscience.

A ranking list of selected students eligible for admission on the basis of scientific ground will be made in the beginning of February. Thereafter formal approval of the selection and eligibility in terms of visa-application will take until July of that next year.

Only in the case of a formal approval of the student-selection by the European Commission, “Doctoral Candidate Agreements” will be signed towards the beginning of June. After that, admitted PhD Candidates have another 4 months to accommodate immigration and legal aspects concerning the immigration. The appointments start normally in October of that following year (or between Sept 1 and March 1 of the next year).

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