Joint PhD degree

Neuroscience specialization and training in academic skills

The EMJD-consortium ENC Network has developed a balanced 3 year joint PhD curriculum for the EMJD candidates, comprising both advanced neuroscience specialization courses, as well as higher level training in academic skills (writing scientific papers and grant proposals, presentation techniques for various audiences, language courses, e.g.). The curriculum contains newly developed ENC-Network courses, Advanced Methods workshops, Annual meetings and so on. For the rest, it is embedded in the international oriented local PhD programmes of the ENC Institutes.

Personal Training Plan

The EMJD fellow will make an Personal Training Plan together with two supervisors at the start of his PhD, which provides the opportunity to build up an individual profile based on specific interest linked to the candidates own research topic. This tailor made programme should be approved by the consortium’s Board of Education ensuring full recognition for all the training activities of the candidates. This Personal Training Plan will be reviewed each year by the candidate together with the candidate’s supervisor and will be adjusted where needed.

Original research

The essence of the ENC Network joint PhD programme is training through original research. However, logically, the first year of the joint curriculum starts off with an ENC Network Kickoff meeting followed by the ENC Network Introduction course bringing all candidates and affiliated PhD supervisors – as teaching staff – together at one of the host campuses of the ENC Network. Each year this course will be organized at a different city (from the second year onwards by the students themselves, i.e. by the generation of students entering their second Erasmus Mundus year). In addition, students are trained during mandatory Advanced Methods courses, as well as during mandatory Academic Skills courses.

Additional training

Additional training is optional and can be taken at either of the ENC Institutes, where a total of > 50 eligible optional PhD courses are organized embedded in the local PhD programmes. In total, the ENC Network training curriculum will include a workload of at least 350 hours of advanced study. Regularly when one of two additional PhD courses are taken during Year 1 and 2 this will add up to 500 hours, which is the equivalent of 18 ECTS, a little over 3 month of training during a total of 36 months of the EMJD.

The joint ENC Network curriculum may be supplemented with local funding, and be preceded by a 6-12 month period in the Home Institute as junior fellow (such as is likely to be the procedure in the ENI Gottingen, and/or extended into the fourth year (such as is likely to happen in any of the ENC Network Institutes) to be able to prepare for the thesis defence (before the end of 48 months after the start of the joint curriculum).

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