Study Tracks


Different study Tracks are offered by the different University(ies) of study involved in the Neurasmus Consortium.

During year 1, Students are introduced to the different domains of Neuroscience and provided with the basic knowledge they need through a commonly agreed core curriculum.

In addition, every student conducts research projects (lab rotations) in different participating departments. Research projects involve experimental work, data analysis and a written lab report.

The choice of the advanced courses (Semester 3) in association to the initial core curriculum followed during year 1, shapes the tenor of the subspeciality training gained by the student.

During Semester 4, Students complete a 6-month research project or industrial placement leading to a Master Thesis. It takes place in a place defined according to the Personal Training Plan and chosen among the 6 partners.

To know more about the program structure and mobility requirements, please visit the Neurasmus website:

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