Joint Master degree

A Master programme through the ENC Network

The European Neuroscience Campus (ENC)-Network is a new partner organization of Neuroscience Centres in Europe with the aim to organize – and formalize – research collaborations, align grant acquisition strategies and create exchange opportunities at all levels of education and professional work.

A group of leading organizations in Europe in the field of Neuroscience are currently facing globalization issues which can no longer be solved through individual initiatives or focus on (inter-)national funding strategies in a reactive manner. In order to be able to face all new challenges that come with nowadays leadership, an endurable network of Neuroscience Centres has been set, focussing on creating new opportunities for brain research, from molecule to bedside.

As a consequence of the successful joint doctorate proposal of the ENC Network, a structured PhD programme has been launched under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate programme last year.

This year, 4 of the ENC network partners

joined by 2 new partners

decided to apply together for an Eramus Mundus Master Course that they called Neurasmus.

We believe it is time now to structure European education and training for research in Neuroscience as earlier as the Master level, in order to attract students from abroad earlier in their cursus, on a basis of excellence.

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