Annual Meeting 2012

Photoimpression of the Annual Meeting 2012

Satellite meeting of the FENS meeting 2012

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List of participants with links to institutes and research programmes of participants
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Programme day 1
– Introduction to ENC Network / BrainTrain / Cerebnet / SyMBaD
– Blitz presentations projects participating networks
– Transferable skills lectures

Programme day 2
– Selected oral reports participating networks
– Poster market and award (students will be informed who will have to contribute to the poster market)
– Transferable skills lectures
– Keynote lecture Prof. dr. Guus Smit

Overview and instructions presentations:
>Download overview – instructions presentations BrainTrain
>Download overview-instructions-presentations Cerebnet
>Download overview – instructions presentations Cum Laude-Twinning project
>Download overview – instructions presentations ENC Network cycle 1-2010
>Download overview – instructions presentations ENC Network cycle 2-2011

8th Fens Forum of Neuroscience 14-18 July 2012:
> Download Guidelines students ENC Network cycle 1-2010 & cycle 2-201

This was a joint meeting of:

  • Social media

  • Introduction movie

  • PhD projects ENC-Network cycle 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

  • Erasmus Mundus

    For more information about the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Commission > Erasmus Mundus

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