Advanced technology

The ENC-Network puts much effort in our advanced technology programs. There is for instance a strong translational potential between biophysics experts and laser technology and those life sciences laboratories where these methods can be applied. In additional there is an established link between the brain imaging experts and those scientists involved in other research fields, including imaging genetics initiatives.

Statistical geneticists, biostatisticians and bioinformatics experts provide state-of-the-art integrated analysis and modeling methodology; psychologists and clinicians apply this methodology when screening patients, their genes and their endophenotypes. Further we generate novel insight through reconstruction of synaptic gene networks.

Finally, there is potentially a strong link between the drugs screening and therapy design program and clinical activities of the labs working on brain disease mechanisms. Teaching in advanced methodology is done in the Bordeaux Neuroscience Institute which has recently set up the PENS Training Centre (ENC Network Advanced Methods workshop).

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