The ENC-Network have synergistic as well as complementary elements in each of our institutes. The synergy amongst the various institutes consists in particular in the study of the molecular and cellular processes in the brain with the aim to further integrate information across disciplines. Complementary elements range from ‘genes and the brain and brain disease mechanisms’ in Amsterdam, ‘molecular and experimental medicin’ in Göttingen, ‘synapse physiology and pathology’ in Bordeaux, ‘cell biology and neuroscience’ in Coimbra to ‘integrative neuroscience and psychology’ in Zurich.

There are parallel advanced technology research programs dominated by molecular and cellular biology in either of the five home institutes. In addition there is specific expertise in ‘excitable membranes and synaptic transmission’ in Zurich, Göttingen, Bordeaux and Amsterdam, ‘advanced photonics ‘ expertise in Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Göttingen and Zurich and  ’advanced MRI and PET imaging’ expertise (Zurich), ‘molecular biotechnology’ (Coimbra), ‘bioinformatics’ (Amsterdam), ‘biophysics’ (Göttingen) and ‘networks and neurocomputation’ (Bordeaux).

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