Brain disease

Increased impact of brain dysfunction on society

It has been estimated that currently in Western Society up to 40{4f6e60e6953937a1ab815e93856ab9862da64473b2fafe2c234a4daba9520ef4} of our individuals at ages of over 80 suffer from dementia (in particular Alzheimer’s Disease). Indeed, increased life expectancy and concomitant cognitive decline will further enhance the impact of brain dysfunction on society. In the EU of 20 years from now we may expect to be spending up to half of our national health care budgets on prevention and/or care regarding aging brain diseases. Thus in the coming decades this burden is expected to grow into one of the most pressing and costly problems of the EU.

In line with this sense of urgency, research on Alzheimer’s Disease is strong in each of the five home institutes. In addition there is at least bilateral interest in other brain disease mechanisms such as those underlying Multiple Sclerosis (Amsterdam and Zurich), Parkinson’s (Amsterdam and Bordeaux), Schizophrenia (Göttingen and Zurich) and Epilepsy (Coimbra and Zurich)

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